Professional Magician & Entertainer

Professional Magician & Entertainer

Pirate Magician

“The Pirate”  is one of the Fun, Interactive Characters of Pop Magic.

He stands tall with his “Tri corn” Hat, “Brocade Coat” and gold jewellery that has been acquired from his many adventures on the “high seas” of the…….. Swan River…….

“The Pirate” is a very SCARY individual….actually he is very very scared of pirates!!!

So although walking with a “swagger” and brandishing a sword and “brace of pistols” this Pirate is fun, friendly and polite.

Many also ask what is in his leather pouches…..often he will pull out a magic trick…a “piece of eight” coin….or even his very friendly……..RAT…(actually a stuffed toy…that he thinks is a “Hamster”)

Many party themes are of a nautical nature so Vince is very happy to perform his magic in full pirate regalia.

Vince’s character is also available as a strolling / roving character to add additional atmosphere / character for functions and events such as:

  •  Shopping Centre Promotions
  •  Movie Premiers.
  • “Talk like a Pirate Day”
  •  Toy Shop promotions
  •  International Coin Day.
  •  Nautical or Sailing Themed Functions and Occasions.
  •  Fantasy Character for Product Promotions.

This seagoing character has been seen at a wide variety of locations throughout Perth and surrounding Regions.

There have been repeat visitations to many locations due to the fun, interactive nature of the character.

Some of the favourite places to visit have been:

  •  Shopping Centres
  •  Perth Zoo
  •  Perth Maritime Museum.
  •  Aboard the sailing ship “Leeuwin II”.

Contact Vince now to check availability to book “Pop The ” to add to the fun at your Event

Pirate in action.

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What people say:

Hi Vince,


Thank you so much for being a part of our Teddy Bear’s picnic again this year. We love having you on board and the kids couldn’t get enough of Pirate Vince.


You do a fantastic job and should be proud.


Have a great day.


Danielle Price – Events and Commercial Activities Officer – Perth Zoo


  • People Say

    Indeed you did a very good job. We all were very happy with the entertainment. The kids loved it. Dunitha is still talking about the magic show.

    Lakshika and Prasad