Spruiking is the artform of gathering, entertaining and informing.

Spruiking is often used as a marketing, promotion and sales tool.

Vince of Pop Magic has extensive knowledge and experience in these areas.

He is able to create a fun atmosphere whilst sharing the information to specifically target the market audience.

Spruiking is often seen at shopping centres, trade shows, home shows, store promotions or other similar events.

When undertaken correctly, spruiking is a very effective format to focus customers on a particular activity event or occasion.

Vince is a very popular spruiker with his unique style.

Depending on the environment, he imparts knowledge and information in a fun, positively interactive format whilst providing an entertaining environment.

Spruiking is not to just read out price tags or brochure details.

Vince prides himself on undertaking appropriate research prior to the spruiking activity.

This helps him understand the relevant 5 “P’s” often talked about in marketing.

Product – What are the features, benefits and advantages of the Product

Price  – What is the pricing structure? What are the options, accessories. Is the product on special?

Promotion – This intrinsically includes the Spruiking activity. There may be promotional pricing also.

Place – This includes the locations of manufacture, distribution and sale. How does it stand out.

Is there a website? What information is on the website.

People – This is all the company personnel involved in the product manufacture, distribution and Sales.

Following his research, Vince is able to detail other relevant information for the customers / clients.

Vince has undertaken Spruiking for a wide selection of Shopping Centres, Stores in addition to groups and organisations wishing unique marketing and promotions. This has included promoting Jewellery Stores, Menswear Stores and a myriad of Events and Promotions.

Spruiking by Pop Magic

What people say:

Kimberley was here when Vince did the spruiking and she said he did a wonderful job. If you can please pass this on as we were very impressed with his efforts and would like to use him for any future events that require a spruiker. Lakeside JoondalupShopping Centre Management feedback on Spruiking