Magic Workshops are a great way to introduce or reinforce the fun and mystery of magic tricks and effects to people of all ages.

A magical effect is demonstrated in practise and theory. Everyone present then also creates the effect with provided materials then has the opportunity to demonstrate the effect themselves to those present.

All participants then depart with the effects they have created.

The format of a magic workshop has the structure of a teaching session that involves hands on creativity and the opportunity to lean and share with like minded others.

Using important basic principles of magic, Pop Magic has prepared a variety of easy, simple but very “mystifying” magical effects.

Firstly Pop Magic demonstrates the effect, and then similar to a craft activity, everyone assembles the props together.

Enough time is allocated that participants of all skill level are taken through the theory and practical application of the effects taught.

Everyone then undertakes the next activity in the workshop.

The number of magical effects demonstrated, learnt, created and practised is dependent on number of participants, time available etc.

Magic Workshops can be undertaken as a sole activity and / or combined with a magic show or other magical entertainment.

Magic Workshops are ideal for Schools, Shopping Centres, Ag Shows, Festivals, Fetes and can become cost neutral for the organisers if an entry fee is charged to cover materials etc.


Preparation for Magic Workshops



What people say:


Hi Vince,We just wanted to again extend a really big thankyou for the fantastic workshops you delivered at the JD Hardie Centre,

We have attached some pics from the day, we had some fantastic feedback from the sessions and we look forward to working with you again on your next visit to Hedland!!


Kindest regards,

The JD Hardie Team

Bec Stewart                                              

Program Development Officer

JD Hardie Youth Zone

5991 Cottier Drive South Hedland WA 6722 08 9158 9387

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Morning Vince,
Thanks very much for coming up and putting on the excellent workshops.All the best
Connor McLeod |The Youth Shed, Youth Officer
Thanks Vince, it was brilliant having you in the room and they all really enjoyed it!

Emma Cahill – Starlight Children’s Foundation  

Hi Vince,

Monty definitely had a great time and so did his friends, thank you to your magic show and the workshop, which was the highlight of the day.

It was great to see 9 young kids to be fully engaged and focussed for good 1 hour. One mother even mentioned that the tricks were transferred to other members of a family at home!

Kind regards


Hi Vince

Thank you for coming to our school.The students and the teachers all enjoyed your Magic Show and the workshops in the classrooms were really well received.Your organisation was impressive and the workshops that you did with the children was well run, fun and educational.

You had the children’s full attention and enthusiastic attention and participation at all times.

I hope we can work together sometime again in the future.