Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s?

For any important issues or questions not in this list, Vince encourages you to discuss with him directly.

What age groups do you cater for?

Pop Magic can cater for all age ranges and the magical entertainment is tailored for the age group and mix of the audience.

What size audiences do you cater for?

Pop Magic has performed and entertained audiences from few to several thousand at large public shows and events.

Frequently Asked Questions – What equipment is needed for a show?

Pop Magic is fully self contained and brings all required tables props etc. 

For small groups, say up to 40 people no additional equipment is required.

For larger groups, say 40-120 people Pop Magic can bring a batt powered PA to ensure full audience inclusion. 

Larger functions are usually Corporate or Public Events with stages and sound systems installed by the client.

Pop Magic requests a headset mic as he needs his hands free to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions – Do you have a Police Clearance

Yes – Pop Magic – Vince Haines – Magician – has a Police Clearance. 

This document is known as a “National Police Certificate”

Frequently Asked Questions – Do you have a “Working with Children” Card?

Yes – Pop Magic – Vince Haines – Magician – has a “WWC” card. 

“Working with Children Check” is required for any person undertaking child related work including Entertainers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes – Pop Magic is covered by Public liability Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions – Is Pop Magic a Registered Business?

Yes – Pop Magic is a Registered Business – ABN 25 913 830 290

Frequently Asked Questions – Is a deposit required to be paid?

For smaller events (1-4hrs) I often don’t request a deposit to assist with reducing paperwork, bank transactions etc. for my clients, both private and corporate.
Full Payment is requested on the day by cash / cheque / bank transfer.
Credit Card payments are also accepted using a “Square” Credit Card reader.
If bank transfer is preferred an invoice can be sent through prior to the event with bank details to enable payment to be made prior to or on the day of the event.
For larger events, a 25% Invoice is raised upon booking confirmation and due for payment within 7-14 Days. The “Balance Invoice” is sent approx 7-10 days prior to the event to enable it to be processed by the client’s finance team. The “Balance Invoice” is due for payment on the day of the event / next business day if the event is held on a weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions – What if my event is running behind time..Is there flexibility in the timing of the performance?

For large events / festivals etc i.e. When I am on-site for one or several days, I pride myself in flexibility to assist with helping you maintain your program times especially when you have multiple entertainers. If you have a stage timetable with several performers and one / several are over / under their allotted time slots I can shorten / increase my show time to enable the program to get “back on track”

For shorter booking e.g. home birthday parties of typically 1 – 1/2 hours it is important I adhere to our booked start / finish times as I am likely to have several “gigs” on those days.
As such, any delays in the start time will usually result in a shorter performance to meet the booked finish time.
This is to enable me to travel, reset and be ready to perform at the next booked event / function.
This is important to ensure I don’t disappoint any clients, including yourselves, by arriving late, due to a previous function running over time.

Frequently Asked Questions – Can I make a “Hold” on a date. i.e. To ensure I can book a venue etc.

o A tentative “hold” means that date(s) will not be actively marketed however as no actual booking is held on that date(s), a confirmed booking can be made by other clients. I will endeavour to contact you in this situation to check whether you wish to make a confirmed booking.

o Please advise a mobile number so that I can contact you urgently should another confirmed request be received for a booking on any of the requested dates.

Frequently Asked Questions – Is there a Cancellation Policy?

Yes – Whilst I appreciate circumstances may change, when a booking is made, the required travelling & performance time etc are blocked out in my diary and I become unavailable to other clients.

Should a cancellation occur I will endeavour to refill the timeslot.

As many clients book many weeks in advance an alternative booking is not often able to be secured.

As such, when a replacement booking is unable to be secured a cancellation fee is charged.

The cancellation fee will vary as follow:

25% of the full fee for Events Cancelled 4 Weeks prior to Event Date.

40% of the full fee for a cancellation 2 Weeks prior to event date.

60% of the full fee for a cancellation 2 Days / 48 Hours hours prior to Event.

100% fee when a cancellation is made on the day.

It is expected that major events will have arranged insurance for cancellation of an event.

e.g. Due to inclement weather, Issues with Venue etc.