Professional Magician & Entertainer

Professional Magician & Entertainer

Doc Pop – Medical Magic

Vince’s character as “Doc Pop – Medical Magic” is sure to stimulate your funny bone.

With his white coat, stethoscope, torch and glasses, the scene is set for medical magical mayhem.

He will entertain everyone present as he applies his “extensive”?? knowledge of procedures, medical and otherwise, to your function or event.

As a fully qualified medical practitioner, SA, (Self Appointed), Doc Pop is available to “consult” in a strolling capacity or appear at your “operating theatre” to perform a “medically” themed performance.

Doctor Pop offers an extensive range of performing styles.

He can provide fun and comfort to children e.g. in a medical environment.

For adults he can provide something more entertainingly confronting…(“amputation” of a volunteer’s limb….or head!!)

Contact the doctor now to book an appointment or consultation.

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  • People Say

    Indeed you did a very good job. We all were very happy with the entertainment. The kids loved it. Dunitha is still talking about the magic show.

    Lakshika and Prasad